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The Christmas Spirit at Vienna’s City Hall

Christmas market Rathausplatz Vienna

Choirs from around the world are meeting in Vienna

From November 28 to December 24, international choirs are meeting in Vienna’s City Hall to get people into the Christmas spirit. Together with the Tower Brass Band, which performs at the Christmas tree at Rathausplatz (City Hall Square) and the Punch-and-Judy theater that takes place at City Hall on the weekend, for young and old alike there is an alternative to the bacchanals of punch drinking and Christmas kitsch.

Christmas carols from all over the world

Christmas market at Rathausplatz

Christmas market at Rathausplatz

Did you know that every year there is an international Advent singing event in Vienna’s City Hall? It’s even free of charge. From 3:30 to 7:00 PM Friday through Sunday (as well as Monday, 12/8), you can listen to choirs from all over the world in the Festsaal (ballroom) of Vienna’s City Hall and get away from the constant flood of the same annoying Christmas carols and get into the genuine Christmas spirit.

In addition to many choirs from all over Austria, the singers come from Germany, Romania, Spain, the Czech Republic, Italy, Switzerland, Finland, Hungary and Slovakia. The choirs from the United States (12/19), Botswana (12/8) and Japan (12/20) especially come from afar. A Japanese Christmas carol – now that would be something different, wouldn’t it?


Punch and Judy for the little ones

Prior to the performance by the choirs, likewise in the Festsaal (ballroom) of City Hall and free of charge, Mr. Punch (“Kasperl” in German-speaking countries) is always happy whenever he takes many children on his adventures and thereby shortens the waiting time for the Christ Child a bit.
The show takes place every weekend between 1:30 and 2:30 PM.

Tower Brass in Advent

If you finally are in the mood for a punch after this program, now is the right time. Every day at 8:00 PM, brass ensembles from all over Austria meet in front of the Christmas tree at Rathausplatz and bring in the Christmas spirit.

You can see that the time before Christmas in and around Vienna’s City Hall really has a lot to offer.
Take your time!

I wish you a wonderful Advent!

large picture © WienTourismus  Claudio Alessandri
small picture ©WienTourismus  Gerhard Weinkirn

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