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Recipe of the month July 2017

For your enjoyment…

Do you feel the same as I do on weekends on or special holidays, or when you have guests over? I’d like to cook something very special, not the usual fare. Then I’m either spoiled for choice or I can’t think of anything at all. If even intensively searching the internet turns out to be fruitless or leafing through piles of cookbooks doesn’t turn up any solution, try our Recipe of the Month!

From the chefs of the Schick Restaurants in Vienna, every month there is a new, seasonal recipe from Austrian-Spanish or Viennese cuisine for you to prepare and enjoy at home! If you don’t want to have to prepare the recipe yourself, you can order the finished dish in comfort at the corresponding Schick Restaurant and indulge all around…

In July 2017 – recipe by Felix Albiez – chef of the decorated Restaurant “Das Schick”:

Tafelspitz of Wagyu beef sous-vide

Ingredients (for 4 servings):
1 Tafelspitz of Wagyu beef (approx. 1–1.3 kg)
olive oil
500 ml veal stock
250 ml red port wine
2 kg beef bones
1 kg mixed root vegetables (celery root, onions, shallots, carrot, leek)
8–10 juniper berries
1 tbsp. black peppercorns
3–4 bay leaves
5 tbsp. tomato paste
400 g hop asparagus
50 g butter


Slice Tafelspitz in half. Season it equally with salt and pepper and place in a vacuum bag with rosemary, thyme, one crushed clove of garlic and a shot of olive oil. Preheat water to 58°C and cook the Tafelspitz in the water for 12 hours.

For the gravy, brown the beef bones at high heat in a large pot. As soon as the bones turn light brown, add the root vegetables and continue to cook until everything turns to a lovely dark brown color. Add the tomato paste, briefly cook it with the other ingredients, and quench with some of the port wine. Allow the mixture to thicken, then quench with port wine once again. Afterwards, pour veal stock or water onto the mixture until it covers the complete contents of the pot, then very slowly bring to a boil. Allow the gravy to simmer for 5 hours, during which you should continue to add water every now and then. When the gravy is finished, thicken with corn starch and season to taste.

Wash the asparagus, boil it in salt water for 30 seconds and quench in ice water. Likewise, blanch the chives. Tie the asparagus into small bunches with the help of the chives.

After cooking, remove the meat from the vacuum bag, drip dry and dice into 5 x 5 cm cubes. Sauté the diced meat all around at even heat, and season with salt and pepper. Sauté the asparagus evenly all over in lightly browned butter and season with salt.

Arrange the diced meat with the gravy and bunches of asparagus – like in our photo, for instance – and enjoy…

We wish you much success!


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