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Fulfilled: the heart’s desire 2019!

Stiftung Kindertraum

 ‘Stiftung Kindertraum’ makes wishes come true.

Letter from Stiftung Kindertraum

Letter from Stiftung Kindertraum

Since 20 years during Christmas time we have had the tradition to fulfil a heart’s desire of very special kids. Together with the ‘Stiftung Kindertraum’ (Foundation for disabled children) a wish became true again this year.

For the Schick Hotels it has become a fine tradition to support the ‘Stiftung Kindertraum’ and to fulfil heart’s desires of ill children and children with special needs. The original idea – to invest the Christmas cards budget in a donation to Stiftung Kindertraum – has become a regular institution at the Schick Hotels.

This year we could enable the 8-years old Erda from Vienna to get a new special bike to go for rides again in future.

She suffered a brain hemorrhage after being born prematurely, and is dependent on a wheelchair or a wheeled walker. This little girl has lots of fun going for rides with her therapeutic tricycle, but, unfortunately, it is no longer suitable for her size. With an appropriate bike that is individually adjustable using various accessories, Erda will be able to move around independently, and, in doing so, will support her overall motor coordination.

Please have a read through the attached letter of the ‘Stiftung Kindertraum’ how the new bike will promote Erda and bring a lot of fun in her life. The little girl is already looking forward to receiving her new bike and being able to go for rides once again in the springtime.

20 years together with Stiftung Kindertraum

20 years together with Stiftung Kindertraum

We are very pleased to support Erda and her family and make the life a bit easier – on behalf of all our guests, customers and our staff at the Schick Hotels Vienna.

In this spirit we wish you – dear reader of this blog –
a Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2019!


20 years ago the Schick Hotels Vienna started to support the Stiftung Kindertraum, not only for Christmas but also during the year. Therefore we were honoured by the Stiftung Kindertraum this year, which we gladly would like to show here. For us this support is a real matter of our heart, which we will continue in future.


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