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When in Vienna? Where in Vienna? How in Vienna? Part 2

Bernhard Kutschera, Hotel Capricorno

The Most Common Questions Our Guests Ask About Vienna

“Where can I find something in Vienna?”, “How do I get there?”, “When is it open?” are just a few of the questions our guests ask our receptionists daily. You can already find some of the questions in our Vienna Questions Blog Part 1. However, I would really like to add further questions and of course the answers:

What can I do in Vienna?

This is actually a frequently asked question at Hotel Stefanie, the oldest hotel in Vienna. Answering this question here would go well beyond the scope of this blog article. Luckily, there is already another article “24 hours in Vienna” and more to follow. But rest assured, all the colleagues at Hotel Stefanie can answer this question individually. I would even go so far as to say that it is their specialty!

24 hours in Vienna

What can you only see in Vienna?

Anker Uhr, Copyright www.peterrigaud.com

Anker Uhr, Copyright www.peterrigaud.com

At Hotel Capricorno I asked which details they like to highlight. For the question “Is there anything special that you should still see and you can only see in Vienna?”, Bernhard Kutschera has an insider tip ready for his guests: “I recommend the guests go see the Ankeruhr clock. The large musical clock is located at Hohen Markt 10 – 11 and is one of the greatest achievements of Art Nouveau. The figures go around the clock in a 12-hour rhythm and come from different eras. Each of the figures is also accompanied by a piece of music from their era. The movement of the figures and the music follows a special schedule. At 12 noon, all the figures parade around the clock accompanied by music, a spectacle that usually draws a crowd of tourists. Nevertheless, the Ankeruhr is definitely worth a visit.”

Where can you find a restaurant for a romantic dinner?

Restaurant Das Schick

Restaurant Das Schick

The recommendation of Bernhard Kutschera: “I whole-heartedly recommend guests visit our restaurant “Das Schick” opposite the Stadpark, where they can experience a culinary journey through the Austrian-Spanish fusion cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere. The great location and the view over the rooftops of Vienna from the 12th floor, as well as the excellent service, make dining there a unique experience.”

Which restaurant nearby do you recommend?

When asked about a good restaurant, the colleagues in the Hotel Am Parkring agree and highly recommend our restaurant on the 12th floor. Michaela Sladka also has a few alternatives to offer: “For guests who want to explore outside but still stay near the hotel, I recommend the Plachutta for a Tafelspitz or a Wiener Schnitzel, just 5 minutes away.”

How do you get to the Naschmarkt?

Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables at Naschmarkt

From the Hotel Erzherzog Rainer, it is only a stone’s throw to the largest market in Vienna. Christian Neubauer from the reception knows Vienna like the back of his hand and has an insider tip for everywhere the guests might like to go: “The best way to get to the Naschmarkt is via the Schleifmühlgasse, where you will also find a very nice café, the “Vollpension”, where you can stop for a coffee and cake, or you can visit “Babette’s spice & books for cooks” to browse the many spices, cookbooks etc. Of course I can’t guarantee you will still make it to Naschmarkt after that.”

© Flughafen Wien AG

© Flughafen Wien AG

What was that again: What is the best way to get to the airport?

That is probably the most common question at all the Schick Hotels, so let me end this blog with the best answers once again. At Erzherzog Rainer, Christian Neubauer answers this question based on his guests’s needs: “The most convenient option is a pick-up with our limousine service. If the guests prefer to take public transportation, then it is best to take the Railjet from the Central Train Station. It departs every 30 minutes and takes guests to the airport in just 21 to 23 minutes.”

You still have a question that needs answering? Send it to us, preferably by email to schick@schick-hotels.com.

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