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Christoph Novak

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In Schick Insights, the authors write as insiders of the Schick Hotels and as genuine experts on Vienna. Each author sees the beautiful city of Vienna with different eyes. All of them incorporate their experiences and daily impressions from everyday hotel life and report on their highly personal insights from Vienna.

Christoph Novak, MA, has worked at Schick Hotels Vienna since 2013. In addition to his tourism studies, he opened a five-star hotel in Vienna and for several years was active as a project leader for major events. In Vienna Insight, he reports on current cultural happenings in and around Vienna. In addition, he offers tips for all Viennese and vacationers to Vienna with an appetite for sports and parties. As photography is among his hobbies, from time to time he will also surprise us with some visual impressions of the city.

"Vienna is a city that never sleeps. Even for me as a Viennese, each day of her something new and has an unbroken allure for me."

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