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Vienna – the ball capital of the world

It was once the marriage market of society’s upper crust. Today, it is a pastime of the Viennese and a true tourism magnet. This year, too, the “fifth season” will ensure that the Viennese sausage stands will be visited by men in tailcoats and princesses.

I have often asked myself why a ball is called a ball. After all, it doesn’t have anything to do with a sporting event and much less so with a ball. After exacting research into the literature, I discovered that the (dance) ball derives from the Latin ballare (to dance, to skip). This explanation got me off to a better start. Just think about a waltz or a midnight quadrille.

The ball season was especially important socially. Young women first revealed themselves to be marriageable women at debutante balls. Today, balls serve the purpose of seeing and being seen. The Vienna Opera Ball, probably the most famous example of its type, will take place again this year and Vienna will take center stage in the international reporting scene for a night. Vienna thereby has a unique opportunity to present itself internationally and to attract new visitors.

It is estimated that approximately 400 balls take place in Vienna each year, which collectively enchant nearly 300,000 visitors in 3/4-time. Starting January 6, hardly a day will go by in Vienna without a ball taking place somewhere in the city. Whether it’s for local Viennese or tourists, this seemingly endless selection of cultural events has assembled into the “Viennese ball calendar”. There, you’ll be sure to find the right ball for you. By the way. The Schick Hotels incidentally offer an ideal starting point for commencing a Viennese ball night.

Except for a small selection, most balls in Vienna accept suits and evening dresses, which most people have in their wardrobes. If only it weren’t for the 3/4- time. When was the last time you and your partner floated elegantly over the dance floor? Has it been a long time for you too? In this case, the Viennese dance schools offer intensive courses just for the ball season in order for you to make your entry in the right light.

Maybe it will work out and I’ll report on an enchanting night in which Vienna is transported back to the imperial age. Yet personally, I can only warmly recommend that you form your own image of one or more balls. Wishing you lots of fun and…

Everybody dance!

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