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KinderuniWien 2013

How does science work? That is THE question at the 11th KinderuniWien 2013.

The successful concept continues: The KinderuniWien – one of the most popular annual events during the summer break – is entering its 11th round. As in past years, Vienna’s universities are opening their gates during the 2013 summer break to children aged seven to twelve who are thirsting for knowledge. Once again, they have thought up a huge selection.

For two weeks in July – from July 8–20, 2012 ­– interesting and “cool” courses are on the vacation program. The event is once again perfectly organized, just like in previous years. Online registration is possible starting on June 5, 2013; you should make a mental note of June 16, 2013 as registration day at the University of Vienna campus, although courses and lectures can still be reserved comfortably online afterwards.



The offer will surely be comprehensive and promising this summer, too – already, around 500 lectures, seminars, workshops and excursions are on offer at seven university locations: The KinderuniWissenschaft (science) at the University of Vienna campus and at the Universitätszentrum Althanstrasse, the KinderuniMedizin at the Medical University of Vienna, the KinderuniTechnik at the Vienna University of Technology, the Kinderuni BoKu (agriculture and life sciences) at the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences Vienna, the KinderuniVetmed at the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna, and – new this year – the Kinderuni FH Campus at the FH Campus Wien (university of applied sciences), with their 500 academics in total, all offer a broad spectrum of interesting, age-appropriate topics from A as in architecture to Z as in zoology to approximately 4500 children. The exact program is available from June 1, 2013 on www.kinderuni.at, in printed form in the wienXtra-kinderinfo in the Museumsquartier, or at the Student Point in the main building of the University of Vienna. It’s no small matter to pick your favorites from the multitude of great and innovative offers. An entertaining break program and a small program for parents perfectly round out the offer. Last but not least, participation in the KinderuniWien is free of charge!

“We’re turning the university on its head!”

The basic idea of the Kinderuni remains unchanged and more current than ever before: awakening children’s curiosity for new things, stimulating critical thinking, and making learning and discovering fun. The KinderuniWien is a project FOR children and WITH children from all walks of life and cultural groups. Sponsors such as the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science and Research and the City of Vienna are supporting the project, and telecommunications firm A1 has been a partner since the very first Kinderuni 11 years ago.

Professional and well-organized



The last years have shown that the proceedings of the individual courses and everything surrounding it are always perfectly organized and work well. The concluding highlight for all children is surely the big commencement  in the main building of the University of Vienna on July 20, 2013, where the participating Kinderuni students are ceremoniously “sworn” to constantly strive for knowledge and never to stop inquiring and questioning everything. There’s also a graduation diploma as a memento.

Anyone looking for “meaningful” vacation activities for their knowledge-hungry progeny should definitely add this to their schedule! You can find all information on www.kinderuni.at. Simply register, log in, pick up your Kinderuni student ID at the University of Vienna, and look forward to two weeks of excitement and fun, without the pressure of grades and the stress of exams. (Parents may not participate… too bad.)

Wishing you lots of fun and an exciting vacation!


Image source © KinderuniWien, www.kinderuni.at