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Cocktail “Salida del Sol” at the decorated restaurant “Das Schick”

The sun rises above the roofs of Vienna

How about a cocktail that shines like the sun and tastes like it? Our restaurant manager Marcus Täubl from the two-hat awarded restaurant “Das Schick” has such a drink ready: With the “Salida del Sol” you are just as right in late summer as at the beginning of the “golden” autumn. Just as in “Das Schick” on the 12th floor of the Hotel Am Parkring you can let your gaze wander over the city of Vienna and follow the course of the sun, with “Salida del Sol” you can conjure the sun into the hearts of your loved ones, friends and guests and put a smile on their faces.

The preparation is uncomplicated and fast. TIP: Perfect for the summer/garden party!

If you prefer to relax and be pampered with this cocktail and Austrian-Spanish specialities to the highest perfection, reserve your table at “Das Schick” and also enjoy the fascinating view over Vienna.

Salida del Sol

4 cl Poncho Caballero
10 cl Cava Brut, Girot Ribot
6 cl freshly squeezed orange juice
1 orange slice

Pour the ice into the glass and pour the Poncho Caballero over it.
Add orange juice and fill up with Cava.

Stir gently for a short time, decorate and




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