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Gay Lifestyle in Vienna!

I’m happy to have this opportunity to report on my life in Vienna.  

In the coming weeks and months, I wish to give you a cross section of the gay and lesbian scene in Vienna.  In some cases it will be an exhibition, then in others a film or an experience I wish to share with you.  Of course, the many beautiful squares and other places in the city will hardly be absent from this column.  I don’t wish to lay claim to being “the” insider. 

However, I love being on the go in Vienna (and surroundings), am involved with the community and can therefore offer some tips. Of course, my reports and experiences are subjective and I therefore encourage all of you to participate in this blog and exchange information, tips and advice.

Examples of things that can and should find a place in this blog are:

      • Restaurants & bars
      • Art & culture
      • Clubbing & scene get-togethers
      • Movie theaters & music
      • Shops & even more shops
      •  and much more

To get started with a topic,  I extracted a list of the ten most popular restaurants within the gay scene in Vienna, which I found in NAME-IT, a popular Austrian gay lifestyle magazine.

The sequence was as follows:

          1. Motto
          2. The Sly & Arny 
          3. Santo Spirito
          4. Motto am Fluss
          5. Café-Restaurant Willendorf
          6. Schon Schön
          7. Zum Roten Elefanten
          8. Café Berg
          9. Goldener Spiegel
          10. Kulinarium 7

Of course, I have one or another favorite in the running and from time to time I’m also a guest at one of these establishments.  As the evenings are once again growing longer and the time for the various outdoor activities and localities has passed, it’s now a convenient time to spend a lovely evening with your partner.
Send me your experiences with these restaurants or your favorite dishes and drinks there.

Have fun and I wish you a lovely evening!

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