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Does Madame Tussauds suit Vienna?

Madame Tussauds at the Vienna Prater

I immediately connect Madame Tussauds to London. In Vienna, it’s not something I’d seek out right away and I have to ask myself: Is it worth it?
… Yes, indeed—it suits Vienna! Very well, at that.

The location is already well-selected. You’ll find Madame Tussauds, unmistakable, at the newly designed entry to the Prater, right near theVienna“Riesenrad” Ferris wheel. Currently, Arnold Schwarzenegger greets us on the red carpet in the entrance area. One of the few truly great persons, since it turns out that many important and famous personalities are quite short.

Wax figures speak Austrian

MadameTussauds Emperor Franz Joseph

MadameTussauds Emperor Franz Joseph

Madame Tussauds is pleasantly built in an Austrian manner, you’ll find many personalities of standing and name, from Maria Theresa and Emperor Franz Joseph, all the way to Austrian politicians and successful athletes. Of course, international movie stars and musicians can’t be missing from the collection. They often seem so real that you have to pick them out of a group of Madame Tussauds visitors.

You can always test your knowledge of a given topic at one of several computer stations. Austrian history, questions from Albert Einstein or on Madame Tussauds and how the wax figures themselves are made. An entire room is dedicated to this subject. In it, you can have a model of your own hand made for a fee. At Wii stations, you can sing, dance, play tennis…

I especially like the fact that for nearly all figures there are props for dressing up so you can match perfectly for a photo op. This raises only one question: Who is your personal favorite star?

When purchasing tickets via the internet, you’ll receive a rebate of 2 euros per person.

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