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2011 Jewish Film Festival in Vienna

Anyone interested in touching life stories and love stories, as well as human destinies, the courage to stand up for one’s beliefs and the longing for freedom, will have plenty to draw on at the 19th Jewish Film Festival in Vienna (11/17/2011 – 12/4/2011).


In addition to a general program with recent short films, feature films and documentaries, this year’s festival will also have a focus. In collaboration with the Lobby Vorfilm initiative, short films by young filmmakers will be shown before feature films, in order to give the young filmmakers a shot at a breakthrough.

This year, producers from all over Europe will be present, including England, Belgium, Poland, Germany, Israel and Austria.

The productions can be viewed at the Votivkino and De France Kino.

I wish you an informative and entertaining evening.

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