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Culinary Vienna—in the Jewish Style

In Vienna, there are plenty of opportunities to get your money’s worth—the city leaves nothing to be desired. From upscale restaurants to fast food, everything is possible. Kosher food also continues to be in an uptrend. Eating economically yet well is hardly an art. Here are my suggestions:


My first recommendation: Restaurant Simhas
Category: Meaty, Oriental
Taborstrasse 47, 1020 Vienna
Experience: Perfect lamb steak, friendly service, beautiful atmosphere

Recommendation #2: Restaurant Bahur Tov
Category: Kosher food, Asian
Taborstrasse 19, 1020 Vienna
Experience: Young, dynamic team, nice, recommendable

Recommendation #3: Restaurant Alef Alef
Category: Meaty, Oriental
Seitenstettengasse 4, 1010 Vienna
Experience: Also open on Shabbat, traditional quality food, top location


Anyone looking to eat and enjoy truly exceptionally in Vienna should seek out these restaurants. Here, quality is truly put before quantity, and this is something that’s palpable in the dishes. Bon appétit!

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