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Sightseeing with the Vienna Subway (U3)

Art at the station U3 Volkstheater @Helmer M

Sights in and Along the U3 Subway Line

The well-developed public transport system is also appreciated by the residents of Vienna, who you are sure to meet on the U3 subway line since it connects large residential areas, the city center and the best shopping opportunities in Vienna. Simply spend a day of vacation following the U3 subway line and travel from the largest cemetery in Europe to the “ocean” in the flak tower without even changing trains.

U3 – The Orange Subway that Transports the Viennese Across the City

The U3 cuts through Vienna from the east (end station Simmering) to the west (end station Ottakring): 13.5 km in about 25 minutes. It is the youngest of the Vienna subways (1991) and some of the stations have been provided with art installations. Pieces from the technical museum can be found as well as walls designed by remarkable artists.

Honorary grave of Falco

U3 Simmering (End station in the east)

From here, you can head in the direction of the Vienna Central Cemetery, which is well worth seeing. Take the tram no. 11 for five minutes to Gate 2, the main entrance. From here, you can start your tour of the numerous graves of honor and the different sections for every denomination. Guided tours are offered regularly.

U3 Gasometer

The three striking towers of the former Simmering gasworks have been revitalized into apartments, a shopping center with a cinema and a large event hall.

U3-Station Gasometer @Helmer M

U3-Station Gasometer @Helmer M

U3 Zippererstrasse

If you are looking for superlatives, the Zipperstrasse station has the longest escalator in Vienna at 53 meters. The ride lasts 1 minute 16 seconds at a speed of 2.3 km/h.

U3 Rochusgasse

Here you will find the Rochusmarkt, a small but fine open-air market in front of the Rochuskirche.

U3 Schlachthausgasse

Historic bus

Historic bus

A visit to the Remise Transport Museum is a must for all tram lovers.

U3 Landstrasse

The direct route to the airport. This station is a junction where many commuter trains and subway lines come together. It also houses “The Mall” for those who feel like a bit of shopping.

U3 Stubentor

Just around the corner you will find the Museum of Applied Arts (MAK). It was originally intended to serve as an exemplary collection for artists, but today it shows the wonderful combination of applied arts, design, architecture and contemporary art. Afterwards, the Stadtpark is an inviting spot to take a break and enjoy the nature right in the heart of the city.

U3 Stephansplatz

The Virgil Chapel, which is considered one of the best-preserved Gothic interiors in Vienna, was discovered directly in the station during the construction of the subway. Open from Tuesday to Sunday.

U3 Herrengasse

On the Herrengasse, you will find one city palace after the other. There are also a few museums and churches, such as the Michaelakirche which is known for its crypt. The road will ultimately lead you directly to the Hofburg. Stroll through the winding streets or stand in line to get a seat at Café Central, a Vienna coffee house that is absolutely steeped in history.

Hofburg in Vienna

Hofburg in Vienna

U3 Volkstheater

Surrounded by museums. You can spend days viewing the exhibits in the large Museumsquartier complex and the Kunsthistorisches Museum and Naturhistorisches Museum located just across the street. Those who like to stroll through narrow streets can take a walk over to Spittelberg and peruse the eclectic shops and popular bars & restaurants.

U3 Neubaugasse

From Neubaugasse, you can dive directly into the ocean depths, or rather the “Haus des Meeres”, or Aqua Terra Zoo, which is housed in an anti-aircraft tower from World War II.

U3 Zieglergasse

Be it shopping, going for a stroll, enjoying some refreshment or simply taking in the sights… You can do it all on Mariahilfer Straße. This 1.8 km long shopping promenade is so popular with the Viennese that most of it is now a pedestrian zone.

U3 Westbahnhof

Art along the way. At Westbahnhof, supposedly the most beautiful train station in Austria, you will walk past the wall “In about 55 steps through Europe” designed by Adolf Frohner. The artwork is 40 meters long.

Museum at station U3 Schweglerstraße @Helmer M

Museum at station U3 Schweglerstraße @Helmer M

U3 Schweglerstrasse

Subway station as a museum. In the Schweglerstraße station, a Mini cooper and a sports plane are mounted on the ceiling. The objects come from the Technical Museum in Vienna. If you head towards the Benedikt-Schellinger-Gasse exit, you will find an area decorated with 22 portraits of important Austrian inventors, engineers and physicists.

The Schick Hotels Along the U3 Subway Line

You can easily reach the U3 from all Schick Hotels. The Hotel Am Parkring is closest to U3 “Stubentor”, which is just 5 minutes away on foot. From Hotel Stefanie, Hotel City Central and Hotel Capricorno, you can get on the U3 at “Stephansplatz”, max. 15 minutes on foot, or take the U1 from Schwedenplatz for one station.
At Hotel Erzherzog Rainer, we also recommend taking the U1 two stops to “Stephansplatz” and then spend the day on the U3.


Headerpicture: Art at the station U3 Volkstheater @Helmer M

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