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Peter Buocz

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In Schick Insights, the authors write as insiders of the Schick Hotels and as genuine experts on Vienna. Each author sees the beautiful city of Vienna with different eyes. All of them incorporate their experiences and daily impressions from everyday hotel life and report on their highly personal insights from Vienna.

Peter Buocz has been with the Schick Hotels Vienna since 1993. He began as director of the Hotel Am Parkring. Since 2002, he has been director of all Schick Hotels and Schick Restaurants. Peter Buocz knows Vienna and the Schick Hotels like practically no other person. He loves Vienna from ever-new perspectives. He’ll show you the Danube metropolis through the lens of his camera, with which he captures the most beautiful places, landmarks and moments in images. Of course, he’ll also let you know where you can capture such unique moments in Vienna yourself during your vacation. He’ll capture his photo impressions in "Vienna in Pictures" and share them with you.

"My job became a calling and my hobby a passion—what can be more beautiful than being able to combine all of them?"

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