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New & Happening in Vienna

Viennese snail – delicacy during Lent

Julius Schmid portrait of Ludwig van Beethoven, 1901 © Wien Museum

Beethoven’s 250th Birthday

pike-perch fillet . artichoke . spinach . Fregola di Sarda

Recipe of the month February 2020

Beethoven-Inszenierung im Prunksaal der Österreichischen Nationalbibliothek; Atelier Wunderkammer, 2019 – © Österreichische Nationalbibliothek

Beethoven Year 2020

Eistraum © stadt wien marketing, David Bohmann

The Great Vienna Ice World

Stiftung Kindertraum

Fulfilled: the heart’s desire 2020!


Recipe of the month December 2019

Film poster 1963 ©3rd man museum

The Third Man Museum in Detail

© NHM Wien, Christina Rittmannsperger

Our Sights on the Moon

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