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Thomas Fözö

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In Schick Insights, the authors write as insiders of the Schick Hotels and as genuine experts on Vienna. Each author sees the beautiful city of Vienna with different eyes. All of them incorporate their experiences and daily impressions from everyday hotel life and report on their highly personal insights from Vienna.

Thomas Fözö has been a receptionist at the Hotel City Central since 2015. His last name originates from the time of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, when his great-great-great grandfather moved from the Hungarian city of Eger to the imperial capital of Vienna. As a “typical Viennese,” he has Hungarian, Bohemian, Polish and Croatian ancestors. He has been in the profession passionately for over 30 years. Talking to guests, getting them enthused about Vienna, giving them an insiders’ tip or even just exchanging the occasional recipe all give him great joy. He is highly interested in the history of Vienna and is an enthusiastic fan of Jugendstil style. Here in the blog, he reveals his insiders’ tips throughout Vienna and he might even include a tip directly from a guest. As the Viennese saying goes, “Durch’s Reden kommen die Leut‘ z’amm” – talking brings people together – and what’s better than the reception for talking?

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